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Sensual Massage for Women
Orgasmic Meditation

Sensual and Erotic Massage for Women and Couples
Tantric Massage
Sensual Massage
Erotic Massage
Orgasmic Meditation
mobile: 0416 16 16 44

Contact: Michael

Couples Play and Swap.
An Opportunity for Couples to meet and massage each other.

Couples who may be interested in this service are invited to register their interest by contacting me.

The opportunity is open for couples to pair up and meet at my premises for sessions where you can massage each other, swap partners for massage, learn some of the basic techniques for sensual, tantric, and erotic massage, and engage in any type of sensual or erotic play activities that you both agree upon.

These sessions will be for just 2 couples at a time (due to space), and take place at my premises for the security and safety of both couples.

I shall be able to guide couples in some massage techniques and provide initial structure for the sessions, where-after the couples can then decide on what they want from the session.

In registering an interest, I can pair up couples according to your interests, age, particular preferences, and what you are looking for in such a session.

To regsiter, you just need to email me with whatever details you want to disclose about your yourselves that I can share with other prospective couples.

For further enquiries please email me on:

or phone on 0416 16 16 44



I have been providing this service for over 6 years here in Sydney.
I have also studied a variety of other massage techniques.
I offer a relaxing, sensual / erotic / tantric massage, sexual healing service but not a pain relief, or injury healing service.

I work from my own flat which is a clean and safe environment. Shower facilities available for before and after massage. Time charged is based purely on the massage time only. I do not charge clients for any before or after preparation time ( ie: showers and chats).


Discretion, privacy, and client confidentiality assured.
As a professional service, client confidentiality is guaranteed as it is understood that individuals or couples who avail themselves of this service do so at their own volition & with the understanding that their privacy & identity is not disclosed to any other party by this masseur.

I do not request photos from clients nor do I provide photos of myself. Essentially this is a privacy issue and the protection of each person's public identity and privacy. The essence of the Fantasy Massage service is the massage and what you will physical and sensually experience. The pleasure you seek and will derive is in the art work of my hands and body movements.

Massage for Women and Couples.
Relaxation and Pleasure for Adventurous Women

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